Prof. Dr. Eckart Zimmermann

ERC Starting Grant
The motor representation of sensory experience

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Telefon: 0211 81-12637
Email: Eckart.Zimmermann(at)

Academic Career and Research Areas

In his project "The motor representation of sensory experience", Eckart Zimmermann is concerned
with the perception of space and time. He and his group will investigate whether neuronal maps that process motor information produce the visual perception of space and time. For this purpose, he will use 'virtual reality' spectacles, combined with motion trackers, to manipulate the visual scene as a function of motor movement. The planned experiments should allow a new understanding of visual perception. Based on this understanding, it is the goal to develop rehabilitation procedures for patients with failures in spatial perception.

Eckart Zimmermann studied psychology at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (HHU) and received his diploma in 2005. He also obtained a Masters degree in philosophy also from HHU in 2009. At University of Münster he carried out his doctoral studies in experimental psychology and obtained his PhD in 2009. Subsequently, this was followed by research stays at the Institute of Neurosciences in Pisa, Italy and at the Institute for Neurosciences and Medicine at Forschungszentrum Jülich. Since March 2016, Dr. Zimmermann works at HHU. Eckart Zimmermann has been W2 Professor of Psychology at the HHU since September 2018.

Distinctions and Awards
  • ERC Starting Grant, 2017

Key publications

Derichs, E., Zimmermann, E. (2016) Temporal binding of interval markers. Sci. Rep. 6, 38806, 1-11.

Zimmermann, E., Weidner, R., Abdollahi, R., Fink, G.R. (2016). Spatiotopic adaptation in visual areas. Journal of Neuroscience 14;36(37):9526-34.

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Zimmermann, E., Burr, D.C., Morrone, M.C. (2011). Spatiotopic visual maps revealed by saccadic adaptation in humans. Curr Biol, 21(16): 1380-1384.

Zimmermann, E., Lappe, M. (2010). Motor signals in visual localization. Journal of Vision. 1;10(6):2


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