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Qualification and Training for Postdocs, young research group leaders and junior professors at HHU

The postdoctoral phase and the management of an own working group are part of the qualification path to research independence. With the support of experienced researchers you will develop and sharpen your own research profile. You will make new scientific contacts and become acquainted with further subject-specific methods and procedures. This career phase is an integral part of preparing for an independent career in academai or in business and society.

HHU would like to support you in planning and implementing your career path. Following the "Düsseldorf Way of Training" you can acquire competencies that support academic work and help to organize your everyday academic life in an optimal way. In addition, our qualification program also offers the possibility to optimally prepare yourself for your extra-academic career.

The Düsseldorf Way of Training

With the professionalization of alternative career options - in addition to professorships - the HHU would like to open up further attractive career perspectives in the academic system for well-trained young scientists. "The Düsseldorf Way of Training" opens up the opportunity to get to know three different academic career paths and then specialize in one of them.
All information on the Düsseldorf Way of Training can be found under the link.

Alternatively, postdoctoral researchers at the HHU, can choose their topics of interest from our open workshop program (see below).


Generell Workshop Programme for Postdocs, young research group leaders and junior professors

All workshops and trainings for Postdocs (in chronological order)
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