Coaching for postdocs and research group leaders

Coaching is an interactive and person-centered support process, which can include professional and private content. The aim is to improve the client's self-reflection and self-management skills, i.e. the coach should support his counterpart in such a way that the coach is ultimately no longer needed.

Through individual support at the process level, the coach accompanies the client without proposing his own solutions but encourages him to question or set goals and develop his own solutions.
The process is solution-oriented and goal-oriented and geared towards conscious self-development.

Coaching usually takes place in several sessions and is limited in time. A sustainable and mutual acceptance as well as trust characterize the voluntarily desired consultation, i.e., the client enters the coaching voluntarily and the coach assures him discretion.

Coaching is practised by people with psychological and business knowledge as well as practical experience with regard to the concerns of the client(s) (in order to be able to assess the situation well-founded and provide qualified advice). (Following

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