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Bring your lunch and educate yourself! Please join us for the Heine Research Academies lunch talks. Invited speakers are introducing information on research careers, HHU-internal funding programmes for research and teaching, HHU facilities supporting your research or other helpful information on "How to get around at HHU“. How it works? Bring your sandwiches, foster your knowledge and get into casual conservation with the referee, your peers and colleagues afterwards - always on Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m..


11.09.2019 Communicating research to society

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As a "citizens' university", HHU actively seeks out the exchange between science and society. For example, its members offer many public events, host debates, support community involvement and include citizens as well as representatives from the fields of economics, politics and culture in their research and teaching activities. To this end, its members offer numerous public events, establish discussion forums, promote civic engagement and involve citizens as well as representatives from business, politics and culture in research and teaching. Dr. Marcel Solar, head of the HHU staff unit "Citizens' University", will present how you, as young scientists, can participate in this exchange and what possibilities there are to actively communicate your own science across subject and university boundaries.
This HeRA Lunch session will take place in building 21.02 (SSC) room 30.

09.10.2019 German legislation governing short-term contracts for researchers (WissZeitVG) / Informationen zum „Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz“

Sabine Strerath, Dept. of Human Resources at HHU, introduces the regulations of the „Wissenschaftszeit-vertragsgesetz“ and answers questions concerning scientific qualification times for you and your members of staff. The presentation will be in German.

This HeRA Lunch Session takes place in Building 21.02 (SSC) Room 30.

13.11.2019 „Master of Business Administration“ – a useful career move for academics?

MBA-programmes are often seen as an accelerator for a career in business. But it can be worth for academics to consider an MBA as well. On the one hand research institutions act more and more like companies. On the other hand an MBA can provide scientists with important competencies to start a career outside university. Tobias Koch, member of staff at the HHU media center, alumnus of the Düsseldorf Business School (DBS) and representative of the DBS alumni group, will give an insight into on exemplary MBA curriculum and the impact of an MBA on potential career moves.

This HeRA Lunch Session takes place in building 16.11. room N.N.

11.12.2019 Diversity - team up for successful research

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The key to success in science lies among other things also in diversity. Diversity means an increase in different experiences, skills, ideas and solution approaches for cooperation in science and at the university. Diversity at the HHU stands for the diversity of attitudes and perspectives that result from individual personal characteristics and lifestyles (= dimensions). Dr. Inge Krümpelbeck from the HHU Diversity Coordination Office discusses how diversity can also become a success criterion in her working group.

This HeRA Lunch Session will be held in German. It takes place in building 21.02 (SSC) in room 30.

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Open to all - No registration necessary, however, seats are limited.


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