HeRA Lunch - have lunch and educate yourself

Bring your lunch and educate yourself! Please join us for the Heine Research Academies lunch talks. Invited speakers are introducing information on research careers, HHU-internal funding programmes for research and teaching, HHU facilities supporting your research or other helpful information on „How to get around at HHU“.

How it works? Bring your sandwiches, foster your knowledge and get into casual conservation with the referee, your peers and colleagues afterwards always Wednesdays at 12:30 pm.

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Dr. Manuel Etzkorn

10.01.2018 Experience Report: Emmy Noether Programme Fellow

The Emmy Noether Programme of the German Research Foundation supports researchers in achieving independence at an early stage of their scientific careers. Dr. Manuel Etzkorn, Institute for Physical Biology and Emmy Noether Fellow at HHU since 2013, talks about his experiences within the programme and how it mediated his way of becoming an independent research group leader.

This HeRA Lunch session will take place in Building 21.02 (SSC) Room 21.



07.02.2018 German legislation governing short-term contracts for researchers (WissZeitVG) / Informationen zum „Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz“

Sabine Strerath, Dept. of Human Resources at HHU, introduces the regulations of the „Wissenschaftszeit-vertragsgesetz“ and answers questions concerning scientific qualification times for you and your members of staff. The presentation will be in German.

This HeRA Lunch session takes place in Bldg. 21.02 (SSC) room 21.

18.04.2018 Shape your career - build a network

Establishing a functional network within the research institute, the own faculty and across faculties as well as outside university is very important for young academics and their future career. Dr. Heidrun Dorgeloh, Department of English Language and Linguistics at HHU and Dr. Christian Dumpitak, iGRAD, (both members of the HHU Senate) outline how getting involved at university can give important insights for future career steps.

This HeRA Lunch session will take place in Building 21.02 (SSC) Room 21.

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12:30 - 1:30 pm


different for each session, please see above


free admission, bring your own lunch

Contact person

Dr. Uta Brunner, juno@hhu.de


Open to all - No registration necessary, however, seats are limited.


Dr. Uta Brunner

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