Research funding

Below you find information regarding the funding of your research projects. You can find the links to several stipend databases. There you have the ability to search for funding opportunities using your own search criteria. In addition, you will find a collection of links to national and european funding organizations which offer funding for you and your project.

Stipend databases
Research funding - services at HHU
  • The Research Management of HHU offers an undefinedOnline Database with information on national and international wissenschaftlichen research funding programms (in German). You can define your own, field specific search criteria.

    In addition you can be informed about research funding programms and calls via the Information service Research, International Relations and Transfer of the Research Management (in German).

    undefinedSchedule of national and international events and activities focusing on Third party funding, grant application support and key technolgies.

    Grant applications
    Questions and requests concerning grant applications for third party funding can be addressed at the undefinedResearch and Transfer Department at HHU .

    DFG Liaison officer
    The DFG liaison officer serves as an on-site point of contact for researchers who are considering applying to the DFG for funding. The officer’s duties are mainly to provide information on the different funding opportunities offered by the DFG, the proposal process, especially for those who are applying for the first time
    other matters that may arise, for example questions that come up during the proposal process or following a funding decision. The HHU liaison officer is once a year part of the HeRA-Lunch Sessions.

    undefinedDFG Liaison officer at HHU - Prof. Dr. Stefan Egelhaaf, Exp. Physik


The brochure "Funding your research in Germany" provides a comprehensive overview of grants, fellowships and awards available for international PhD students and researchers in Germany and in the European Union.

The pdf of the brochure can be downloaded from the information portal Research in Germany .


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