Goodbye academia? It has been a pleasure

JUNO Workshop

Target audiencePostdocs in the life and natural sciences

2 days

Capacitymax. 12

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Workshop description
Have you enjoyed research and teaching in the past years, but now you think it is time to change? Or you are just fed up, but are aware that frustration alone will not lead to a smooth transition out of academia. Maybe you are not sure yet whether to stay in academia or not, but would like to learn more about other possibilities before making any decision? In this course, which has been specifically developed for postdocs in the life and natural sciences, we will not only broaden your view about everything you can do with your qualification, but also give you practical tips on how to reach your personal goals.

Introspection: making plans based on a closer look at yourself

  • Your skills, interests and values
  • Idealism vs. pragmatism
  • How to get on track? Changing professional directions

Career options within…

  • The private sector
  • The higher education system
  • Governmental institutions
  • Patent law
  • As freelancer
  • Consultancies…
  • …and many more

Job applications

  • CVs and cover letters
  • Recruiters, job ads and open applications

The job interview

  • Self-presentation
  • Body language
  • Your elevator pitch
  • Questions and answers
  • Legal aspects

Salary negotiations

  • When to negotiate?
  • What to negotiate for and how?
  • Hard vs. soft: do I trade off relationship vs. results or is there a better way?


  • Expanding and keeping your network
  • Address tricky questions with strategic networking
  • Networking for introverts
  • Social media


Anna Sharman did a PhD in vertebrate evolution and development at Reading University, UK, and a postdoc in zebrafish development at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. She then left academia and became a journal editor, then a scientific publishing consultant and now runs Cofactor, a scientific training and consultancy company. Her experience of being a struggling postdoc now inspires her work to help researchers publish and publicise their work and otherwise advance their careers inside and outside academia. She is passionate about levelling the playing field for researchers who are disadvantaged by others’ prejudices, and about demonstrating the wide range of possible fulfilling careers you can have with a science PhD.

Dr. Philipp Gramlich has studied and researched chemistry at various universities in Germany, Australia and Scotland. After experiences in industry at baseclick and Eurofins Genomics, he co-founded NaturalScience.Careers. He focuses on career- and skill-development for natural scientists.

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