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The Junior Scientist and International Researcher Center (JUNO)

Goals and objectives

Excellent education and qualification as well as active integration on campus and networking are the basic requirements for a successful research career.

The interdisciplinary training programme for postdocs, young research group leaders and junior professors offered by JUNO supports the early scientific autonomy of young researchers and supports them accordingly. On the one hand, JUNO organizes the two-stage certificate programme "Düsseldorfer Weg" there is the opportunity to familiarize oneself with three prominent academic job profiles and to learn about the respective training paths. On the other hand, JUNO offers an open workshop programme with key professional and vocational qualifications that prepare young researchers for potential jobs at and/or outside the university.  Other event formats, e.g., „HeRA Werkstatt“ (a structured discussion and workshop event) and HeRA Lunch (the informative lunch break), complement the JUNO programme. These events encourage a discourse on career-relevant topics and help young researchers to network on campus.

JUNO is also the central contact and service point for international doctoral researchers, postdocs and visiting scientists at HHU. They are taken care of in frame of the Welcome Service for international researchers especially offering help with administrative affairs while at HHU. The “GetConnected@HHU” cultural programme and the events and activities of the “Good to know Germany” series teach international researchers important topics of their host country and link the international scientists with their colleagues. This way, international researchers are easily integrated and have the best conditions to pursue their scientific goals at HHU.

Furthermore, JUNO supports the interdisciplinary and cross faculty exchange between researchers at HHU and their colleagues around the world who have been at HHU before (researcher alumni) and establishes programmes for mutual collaborations.

The Junior Scientist & International Researcher Center (JUNO) and the graduate academies of the faculties (iGRAD, philGRAD, medRSD) collaborate in frame of Heine Research Academies, a joint academic institution in order to effectively utilize synergies in graduate education.


JUNO is a central operating unit of the HHU Rectorate, headed by a managing director.

Current organisational structure:

Managing director

Prof. Dr. Lutz Schmitt - Institute of Biochemistry I

JUNO members of staff

Interfaculty qualification for postdocs and research group leaders

Dr. Uta Brunner
Dr. Kristina Rubarth

International Researcher Center

Dr. Sigrun Wegener-Feldbrügge
Juliana Neves-Müller M.A.
Lea Jaenke

Members of the JUNO Board:

  • Dr. Simone Brandes, Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Dr. Ursula Kessen, Medical Faculty
  • Prof. Dr. Rupprecht Podszun, Faculty of Law
  • Prof. Dr. Joel Stiebale, Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Weber, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Dr. Johannes Müller, Global Office, Goethe University Frankfurt
  • Dr. Christiane Wüllner, RUB Research School, Ruhr-University Bochum


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