Career paths for postdocs

Postdoc at HHU

Doing a postdoc is part of the qualification for a future independent research career.  As a postdoc you develop your own scholarly competence working under the supervsion of HHU faculty members. You build a scientific network and learn additional subject specific methods and technics.
This period is integral to your preparation of a future undefinedindependent research career aiming on becoming a faculty member yourself.

Proof of the ability to obtain a faculty possition in Germany is either shown by undefined"Habilitation" or undefined"Habilitation - equivalent achievements". However, there are several other career paths (see below) which can follow your postdoc.

At HHU postdocs are are individually guided and supported in order to promote their academic career in a targeted manner.

By providing the appropriate research environment HHU wants their postdocs to be able to

  • extend their knowledge on methods and techniques as well as gaining additional scientific work routine
  • have an annual review that includes input by the postdoc and the mentor with focus on productivity and feasible career goals
  • use support in writing grant applications and developing an own strategic research profile
  • get coaching while setting up an own research group and developing own leadership competencies

Moreover, HHU wants to support their postdocs

  • in setting up own networks of research colleagues and get connected on campus
  • so they can present their work at international conferences and meetings
  • with regard to having a good work-life balance. In addition, HHU supports young parents in finding child care.

Career guide for postdocs

Whether you are looking for an academic career or a non-academic career: In any case, concrete goals and planning are an important basis for a career path that suits you. JUNO has developed a career guide for you, which should help you to take a look at your own career development in good time. Your personal career plan developed in this way can then be the starting point for further discussions and conversations with mentors and colleagues.
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The Düsseldorf Way of Training

With the professionalization of alternative career options - in addition to professorships - the HHU would like to open up further attractive career perspectives in the academic system for well-trained young scientists. "The Düsseldorf Way of Training" opens up the opportunity to get to know three different academic career paths and then specialize in one of them.
All information on the Düsseldorf Way of Training can be found under the link.



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