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University Lecturer

University Lecturer have to master a variety of tasks. In addition to pure subject knowledge, didactic skills are particularly in demand. The tasks of university lecturers are (excerpt from the mission statement Academic Teacher at HHU:

  • Conception, implementation and evaluation of courses and academic teaching projects with students
  • Supervising and counselling of students
  • Administering examinations
  • Support in teaching and administrative tasks, e.g. activities in the organisation of courses and examinations, participation in the accreditation of courses of study as well as participation in teaching-related self-administration and committee work
  • Co-design of teaching and learning environments, of study programmes and curricula as well as participation in the long-term planning and further development of teaching (in the subject)
  • Cooperation and (interdisciplinary) networking with academic institutions, the economy, culture, politics, etc.


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