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Tenure track at HHU

The high esteem for researchers and the excellent research infrastructure at Heinrich Heine University create an excellent environment for research at an international level. Heinrich Heine University particularly promotes transdisciplinary research collaborations in order to stimulate creative and forward-looking solutions through the exchange of knowledge, methods and technologies across borders.
By participating in the Tenure Track Programme for the Promotion of Young Scientists (WISNA Programme), the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf would like to contribute to making the career paths of young scientists at HHU more predictable and transparent. Up to now, the time until the first appointment to a lifetime professorship has been characterised by many uncertainties and long, sometimes precarious qualification paths. On average, a professor is appointed to a professorship and thus to the first permanent position at the beginning of the fifth decade of life (cf. Wissenschaftsrat 2014). The establishment of a tenure-track procedure opens up promising career paths for young scientists.

The Düsseldorf Way of Training

"The Düsseldorf Way of Training" opens up the opportunity to get to know three different academic career paths and then specialize in one of them. The Academic Career Development Programme supports junior professors especially at the beginning of their professorship. Detailed information on the Düsseldorf Way of Training.

Alternatively, postdoctoral researchers at the HHU, can choose qualification and training offers from our open workshop program. More information about postdoc qualification


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