Anna Bönner - medical student at HHU and doctoral student representative of medRSD

Anna Bönner, doctoral student in medicine. Photo: Private

Anna Bönner is a doctoral student in medicine at HHU. Currently she does part of her practical year with a physician which will be followed by a stay at the clinic for internal medicine and the clinic for surgery at the hospital. As a young mother she also faces the challenge to have a good balance between work and family.
Before she started her studies, she successfully completed the training as a nurse and worked at the hospital for two years. At the age of 26 she begann her medical studies at HHU. In parallel she started working for her doctoral thesis in endocrinology with Prof. Dr. Michael Roden.
Anna is member and PhD representitive of the undefinedMedical Research School Düsseldorf. She says that she appreciates the membership especially for the support and the general framework medRSD provides for doctoral students. The required Supervision Agreement between the doctoral student and the thesis supervisor is rather helpful and implements the committment of both parties. Anna also said that the medRSD workshops training essential softskills and professional competencies were rather helpful for the course of her studies and her thesis project. She appreciated the possibility to learn to present her work to a scientific audience while taking part in the doctoral symposium of medRSD. In her function as PhD representitive of the medRSD Anna used the possibility to contribute to activites of medRSD and to bring forward the ideas of the doctoral students at large.  


In person

Anna Bönner


 2009-2014 Written State Examination

Since 2016 Practical Year

Expected State Examination in June 2017

PhD thesis:
"Vergleich der Effekte der oralen Aufnahme von gesättigten und ungesättigten Fettsäuren auf die Insulin-stimulierte Glukoseaufnahme bei gesunden, normalgewichtigen Menschen" 

Research group: 
Professor Dr. Michael Roden, undefinedGerman Diabetes Center Düsseldorf, HHU. 

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Scholarship  for the Practical Year undefinedKV Nordrhein 

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undefinedmedRSD Member 

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