Anne Latz - medical student at HHU

Anne Latz, doctoral student in medicine
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In 2014 Anne Latz obtained a master’s degree in business administration from HHU while studying medicine in parallel and currently following her doctoral research project in Neurosciences at HHU and Forschungszentrum Jülich.

Her experiences in management and business administration she says, will be beneficial for her working as a physicist and managing the administrative and technical aspects of the field. However, it also leaves open whether she will work in business administration or as a medical doctor: “At the moment I want to leave all options open. I am not sure if I want to be a physician or want to work as a consultant in industry. However, I am optimistic that I will find the right job at the right time.”

She just returned from a clinical traineeship at the Brigham and Women´s Hospital, an academic teaching hospital, part of Harvard Medical School in Boston. She worked in the division of plastic surgery where she gathered a lot of new experiences.

“The medical system in America is very different to ours. The social interaction between the medical staff is less determined by hierarchical structures. Physicians and nurses are on a par with each other.”

During her training time Anne also became even more aware of the different aspects of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is not just used for aesthetic reasons also the difficult procedures e.g. in facial reconstruction applied after accidents are part of plastic surgery.

 If a student wants to get a traineeship in America it is important to get in contact with the relevant institutions as early as possible and use all available connections.

Anne is also a member and doctoral representative of the Medical Research School at HHU. She participated in several workshops of the graduate academy which were very helpful for her medical doctorate and her career planning. In addition, she benefited from meeting other doctoral students a various activities.

In spring 2016 Anne is planning to complete her doctoral thesis in medicine.

Anne Latz has been interviewed by Mareike Schulz in April 2015.

In person

Anne Latz

2014 - Master of Arts in Business Administration at HHU. 
Master Topic: "Einflussfaktoren auf Stressempfinden und psychische Gesundheit - Eine empirische Analyse"

currently Medical student at HHU

Doctoral thesis in medicine:
"Neuronale Korrelate alterbedingter Veränderungen der kognitiven Handlungskontrolle" Expected submission in spring 2016

Research group: 
Prof. Dr. Simon B. Eickhoff, Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and Medical Psychology at HHU.

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March 2015: Clinical Traineeship at the Division of Plastic Surgery of the Brigham and Women´s Hospital (teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School)

Doctoral Representative of the Medical Research School

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