Ben Kubo - medical student at HHU

Ben Kubo, doctoral student in medicine and member of the Medical Research School
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In 2008 Ben Kubo got one of the highly demanded study places for medical studies at HHU. He did his first and second state exam in 2011 and 2014. Subsequently he worked during his practical year at the Johanna-Etienne Hospital in Neuss. The third state exam is just ahead of him.

Ben Kubo is member and PhD representitive of the Medical Research School (medRSD). Taking part in the very well-structured programme of medRSD was and still is very beneficial for him. Additionally the exchange between him and his fellow students in the courses is very useful. The diversity of courses is very good and supports his doctoral work rather well.
"First of all I was mainly interested in the statistics courses because I wrote a statistical thesis. Therefore, I found it particularly important that these courses are offered, as they were not part of the medical study programme."

His medical speciality is orthopaedics. In particular his field of interest is the human muscle system.
"I want to establish the link between diseases of the human muscle system and depression. The literature says that both phenomena frequently occur together. But one has not figured out how the two diseases influence each other yet." 

In June 2015 he has taken part in the Heine Slam. He qualified as best slammer of the Medical Faculty at HHU and had to compete with the winners of the four other faculties in the big final.
"The whole event was overwhelming.  
The audience was not big during the preliminary rounds, however, the final was crazy. The whole auditorium (lecture hall 3D, > 450 people) was full. If there will be a repetition I would like to be part again."

Once he has finished his doctoral studies he wants to start the specialist medical training in orthopaedics and trauma surgery. 

Ben Kubo has been interviewed by Mareike Schulz in November 2015.



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Ben Kubo

1. State examination: 19/09/2011
2. State examination: 09/10/2014
3. State examination: 10./11. November 2015

Doctoral thesis in medicine:
"Der Zusammenhang zwischen muskuloskelettalen Erkrankungen in Depression in einer längsschnittlichen Betrachtung"  Expected submission in summer2016

Doctoral Supervisor: 
Prof. Dr. Nico Dragano, Institut of Medical Sociology at the HHU Düsseldorf
Supervisor: Dr. Simone Weyers, 
Institut of Medical Sociology at the HHU Düsseldorf

Additional Informationen:
11/2014-10/2016: Practical Year at the Johanna-Etienne-Hospital in Neuss. 

Member of the Medical Research School

Participation at the Heine-Science-Slam 2015

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