Christiane Mahr - member of the graduate college ""Age(ing): Cultural Concepts and Practical Realisations" at HHU

Christiane Mahr, doctoral student in philosophy
Photo: Heidi Scherm

Christiane Mahr earned a Bachelor´s degree in “Cultural studies” and a Masters degree in “Philosophy in the European Context” at the Distance Teaching University Hagen (FernUniversität Hagen). From 2012 to 2015 she has been a doctoral student within the research training group " Age(ing): Cultural Concepts and Practical Realisations " at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. This research training group is a research consortium with members from Arts and Humanities, Economics, Psychology and Medicine.

Christiane Mahr says, she very much profited from the interdisciplinary exchange within the research training group. She had the opportunity to get detailed insight into other research projects outside her own subject and field. New theories and methods were introduced to her  for example at collaborative meetings and conferences. In addition, she was happy to receive quite a lot of support from her supervisors.

In addition, she took advantage of the workshop program of her research training group and the Graduate Academy of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (philGRAD). For her, the most important workshops in the frame of her graduate training were the ones preparing for future job searches.

Christiane Mahr also had teaching duties. For her teaching was really exiting. She learned a lot while preparing the seminars with an experienced lecturer and gained more self-confidence while standing in front of an audience. The most important outcome of her teaching experience was the fact that she thinks she is now able to better share the content and results of her own scientific work with other people.

Christiane Mahr has been interviewed by Mareike Schulz in May 2015.




In person

Christiane Mahr


2008 - Bachelor of Arts in "Cultural Studies" at FernUniversität Hagen

2012 -  Master of Arts in "Philosophy in the European Context" at FernUniversität Hagen

2012 - 2015 PhD at the interdisciplinary graduate college "Age(ing): Cultural Concepts and Practical Realisations"

Doctoral thesis:
"Der Begriff des Alter(n)s im Kontext der gegenwärtigen wissenschaftlichen Forschung – Versuch einer semantischen Klärung"

Research group / Thesis advisor:
Prof. Dr. Christoph Kann, Theoretical Philosophy

"Junges Ich in alter Haut. Vom Topos des fremden Körpers in Alterserzählungen", Querformat 7 (Mai 2015).
"Wie plausibel ist der normative Krankheitsbegriff von Clouser, Culver und Gert?", Department Medical Ethics, XXIII. Congress of the German Association for Philosophy 2014 at Münster, 02. Oktober 2014.

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06/2012: Summer School - Bioethics in Context

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