Eric Baudner - PhD student of the Graduate Training Group "Materiality and Production"

Eric Baudner - PhD at the post graduate program materiality and production. Photo: Private

Eric Baudner studied English and American studies at Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf (HHU).  Since April 2012 he holds a scholarship for doctoral studies within the interdisciplinary research training group (RTG) “Materiality and Production” at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at HHU. The topic of his doctoral thesis is "Reassembling Violence, Reassembling Fictional Accounts - A New Approach to Contemporary British Drama."

Before becoming a member of the RTG Eric had to apply with an exposé about the terms "Materiality" and "Production" and show how his future research would deal with it. He was invited to a round table discussion on his future research project with five professors of the RTG. Finally, Eric was able to start his doctoral studies with Prof. Roger Lüdeke in the Department of Modern English Literature at HHU.

Eric Baudner reports that being part of an RTG is convenient in the sense that it helps him to structure the process of working on and writing the doctoral thesis.  Besides that, he profits from the interdisciplinary exchange in order to further his own research ideas. Through the RTG he is able to participate in colloquia, lecture series and seminars where he is able to discuss his ideas and interchange with his peers.

During his doctoral studies the first child of Eric was born. Being a scholar of German Research Foundation he could prolong his scholarship for a year in order to combine family and doctoral research. 

After finishing his doctoral thesis he plans on staying in research. He is also looking for an option to go abroad in the future.

Eric Baudner has been interviewed by Mareike Schulz in September 2015.


In person

Eric Baudner


2009 - BA in English and American Studies and German Studies from Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf.
BA Topic: "Nick Hornby´s High Fidelity and the Popular"

2011 - MA in English and American Studies from Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf. 

Doctorate expected in March 2016

PhD thesis:
"Reassembling Violence, Reassembling Fictional Accounts - A New Approach to Contemporary British Drama"

Prof. Dr. Roger Lüdeke and Prof. Dr. Vittoria Borsò

Additional Informationen:
undefinedMember of the RTG "Materiality and Production"

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