Thomas Gurke former PhD student at the Department of English and American Studies at HHU

Thomas Gurke, former PhD student at the Department of English and American Studies
Photo: Fransiska Dose

During his Master’s studies of English language and literature Thomas Gurke already got interested in the literary work of the Irish author James Joyce. For his first seminar paper he traveled to Dublin to the James Joyce Center for an exchange with the nephew of James Joyce and other James Joyce researchers.
Not just his studies but also his family background relates to James Joyce. His grandmother is Irish. At a time James Joyce lived in her neighborhood.
He continued studying and researching the authors work also during his PhD studies. The subject of his doctoral thesis is focused on music aesthetics and affect in James Joyce. In order to support his PhD research he received a scholarship at the James Joyce foundation in Zurich.

At the beginning of his research work he benefited from the good research conditions HHU offers - “At the beginning of my doctoral studies I was very impressed by the variety of literature Professor Seidel already gathered at the library of HHU. That has certainly made it easy for me. Furthermore I could work, teach and graduate in parallel.“
Even though Thomas Gurke was not a member of a graduate school he sees the advantages for current PhD students - “In my opinion, the graduate schools today are very useful for an interdisciplinary exchange.” To come in contact with other researcher at the HHU he met them for lunch and they talked about their studies and knowledge.  
Thomas Gurke will publish his doctoral thesis and continue his work at HHU as a postdoc.

Thomas Gurke has been interviewed by Mareike Schulz in March 2015.

In person

Thomas Gurke

2006 - Magister in English, American studies and Music at HHU. 
MSc Topic: "Music and its Function in James Joyce´s Dubliners and Ulysses"
2015 - Dr. des. English and American Studies, HHU Düsseldorf

PhD thesis:
"Fuga per canonem: A Flight Through the Canon. Music Aesthetics and Affect in James Joyce" " Prize for the best PhD thesis of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities 2015

Research group: 
Prof. Dr. Therese Seidel, Department of English and American studies at HHU

Additional Informationen:
Summer 2012: UB-Special Collections Scholarship at the Humanities Institute, State University of New York at Buffalo, New York, USA.

Summer 2009: Scholarship at the James Joyce Foundation in Zurich, Switzerland (Friends of the Zurich James Joyce Foundation Scholarships).

Winter 2005: Research-Scholarship at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (DAAD-Stipendiate).




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