Dr. Viviane Klingmann, Renowned Young Researcher in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Dr. Viviane Klingmann, Photo: private

After successfully graduating from the International German School in Brussels in 2006, Viviane Klingmann begann her medical studies at HHU. In 2012 she passed her state exam in medicine and now works as a research fellow at the University Hospital Düsseldorf. 

The seminar groups and courses at HHU were a good learning enviroment for her as a medical student. As a member of the medRSD she benefited from several course offers like "Presenting in Science" or "Optimizing Writing Strategies for Publishing Research" in order to improve her skills as a researcher. Vivianne also stated that in her opinion medRSD is a good institution which permits the mutual insurance between the graduate student and the respective supervisor.

During her thesis project she undertook a joint research project in pharmacology and medicine, working on minipills that should be easier to swallow for children. The project included several clinical trials to test the application of the pills.

Among other conferences Viviane Klingmann presented her research at the medRSD doctoral symposium in 2012 and was awarded the Poster Prize of the symposium. Furthermore her research was recognized by the German Society of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (DGKJ e.V.) where she received the Selma-Meyer Thesis Award. The Medical Faculty at HHU honored her with the prize for the best doctoral thesis 2015.


In person

Dr. Viviane Klingmann


2012 -  State Examination

PhD thesis:
"Investigation of the suitability of three oral dosage forms for small childrens of different age groups."

Research group: 
undefinedProf. Dr. Jörg Breitkreuz, Institute of Pharmaceutics & Biopharmaceutics, HHU.


undefinedSelma-Meyer-Disseratation Award 2015

undefinedPosterprize 2012, medRSD

Graduate Training:

undefinedmedRSD Member 

Pilotstudie mit 60 Kindern: “Acceptance of uncoated mini-tablets in young children: results from a prospective exploratory cross-over study“, Archives of Disease in Childhood, 17.01. 2012, 97:283-286

Hauptstudie mit 306 Kindern: “Favourable acceptance of mini-tablets compared to syrup: a randomised controlled trial in small children”, Journal of Pediatrics, 2013;163:1728-32 

Neonatenstudie mit 151 Kindern: “Acceptability of Uncoated Mini-Tablets in Neonates - A Randomized Controlled Trial”, Journal of Pediatrics, 2015; 167:893-6

"Arzneiformen für Kinder/Paediatric Drug Dosage Forms", Pharmakon, 2016; 2/2016:134-40.

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