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Career-Orientation for researchers: The academic career path or are there other options?

JUNO Workshop

Target audience Postdocs of all research areas
Language English
Duration 2 days (2x4h, 10 work units)
Capacity 12
Registration Please register using the link below.

Upcoming Workshops

Date Time Format Registration
This workshop will take place in English again in early 2025. 09:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Online Training Registration

As experts in your field, many scientists have the impression that the skills and competences they have acquired during and after their doctorate have no market value outside the university and that there is therefore no alternative perspective in industry and business.

These workshops will help you broaden that perspective and expose you to career opportunities, especially outside of academia.

Workshop Part A

Become aware of your own qualification profile and your career motives. What does career mean to you? What experiences from your life journey do you take with you?


  • My personality: "Who am I?" (past)
  • My qualification profile: "What can I do?" (present)
  • My development potential: " What to do with my qualities?" (future)
  • Orientation to potential employers and exciting jobs

In preparation for the workshop, self-orientation exercises are forwarded 3 weeks in advance (how time-consuming these exercises varies greatly from individual to individual).

Workshop Part B

What career options do you see for the next career step? How can you work out different career options with your qualities and career requirements? With the help of information about career requirements and career paths outside the university, the workshop will contribute to a confident career move.


  • Expansion of personal career options based on the personal mind map
  • Career paths outside science, opportunities and risks
  • Networking & Self-Marketing

Between workshops Part A and part B, you will develop a personal mind map of your career options. Participation is only meaningful after the self-analysis of workshop part A.

As a trainer and coach (FH), Caroline Ketting supports people in becoming aware of their strengths, values and opportunities on their career path. After her studies in natural sciences and further training as a lecturer, she found her passion in personnel consulting and coaching. In her trainings, she uses her many years of experience as a recruiter, career counsellor and executive for profit and non-profit enterprises in the Netherlands and Germany.

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