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The Düsseldorf Way of Training

HHU is pursuing several goals for its young scientists in announcing the Düsseldorf Way of Training.

HHU would like:

  • to promote conscious career decisions and prepare for the next career level.
  • to provide additional qualification and trainings for its young researchers to better prepare them for the challenges of their everyday research life.
  • to link young researchers with experienced researchers/members of HHU.
  • young researchers to get to know and further develop the research system, in particular HHU as an academic institution.

In frame of the two-stage certificate programme "Düsseldorf Way of Training" there is the opportunity to familiarise oneself with three different academic career paths - (1) professorship (2) academic teacher (3) science management. In the orientation phase, key competencies of all three areas are taught, which are then expanded on in the specialization phase.

Target group

Orientation phase: experienced doctoral researchers, postdoctoral researchers, young research group leaders, junior professors and science manager of HHU
Specialization phase: postdoctoral researchers, young research group leaders, junior professors and science managers holding a doctoral degree with a contract at HHU

Programme overview

In the orientation phase, programme participants deal with possible career perspectives, sharpen their scientific profile and learn how to plan (teaching) events. In the specialization phase, participants focus either on the career path to obtain a professorship via the Academic Career Development Programme, a specialization in teaching or a specialization focusing on science management. It is possible to complete the orientation phase with the basic certificate and/or the orientation and specialization phase with the overall certificate "Düsseldorf Way of Training".


Orientation phase



Specialization phase - Qualification programmes

HHU networks as points of contact

The jungle_net is the exchange platform for junior professors and junior research group leaders at HHU, who independently lead a junior research group, have budget responsibility and supervise doctoral students, but do not yet have a permanent position. Every two months there is a joint lunch break with an informal exchange across disciplinary boundaries.

You will have regular exchanges with other lecturers via the HHU's Didactics Network. Get in contact via the iQu staff unit.

The network is the official exchange platform for those employees of HHU who work as science managers at the interface between science and science administration. In addition to the exchange of experience among this group of people, the network aims to promote cross-departmental cooperation, to advance the professionalisation of science management through peer-to-peer members, to increase the visibility of the field of activity at the HHU and to create synergies in cross-departmental topics and cross-departmental projects.

Düsseldorfer Weg in brief

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