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Düsseldorf Way of Training - Orientation phase

In the orientation phase of the Düsseldorf Way of Training, the programme participants focus on possible career options in academia. They sharpen their academic profile, learn how to plan (teaching) events and project planning. The aim is also to get to know the higher education policy structures especially of their own university and to network intensively.

Target group:

experienced doctoral researchers, postdocs, young research group leaders, junior professors, science managers

Suggested programme:

Initial Career Consultation 

Before you start your targeted qualification in the orientation phase, we would like to talk to you in a personal career interview. The initial interview is primarily informational in nature, in that the contents and goals of the programme are presented, explained in detail and compared with your individual career goals.
The interview serves as an orientation guide by discussing the following questions: 

  • Positioning: Where am I at in my career right now? 
  • Determination of goals:
    • Where do I want to go in terms of my career? 
    • What do I want to achieve with the qualification programme?
    • What practical experience can support my academic specialisation?
  • Certificate suitability: Are my personal goals achievable with the contents of the programme?

Workshop and events that are part of the orientation phase:

Career counselling (see above, min. one meeting)

HeRA Lunch Series - Academic Jobs (regularly each fall)

Workshop "Good scientific practice"

Workshop: "Taking the next steps: a career toolkit for postdocs"

Workshop "Project management for postdocs"
Seminar: The German Academic Landscape
Seminar "From idea to project -How to finance your research projects through third leg funding" or alternatively participation at the Research Funding Day
Workshop "(Lehr-)Veranstaltungen planen" by university didactics
Further training using the E-Learning (optional)
Participate in two networking events such as HeRA Werkstatt, JUNO Meet Up, WiN HHU Network events etc.
Career information on academic job fields regularly as part of HeRA Lunch
Reflection meeting (see below)

Reflection Meeting

In a reflection meeting at the end of the orientation phase, i.e. after completion of all courses, we meet again for an individual exchange. The participants should then reflect on the contents they have learnt and career decisions which have been made by then. The following questions are central:

  • Which suggestions (contents, models) of the completed workshops were particularly helpful? What are my most important insights?
  • Where did questions arise? Have my expectations been met?
  • What practical experiences prepared me for the specialisation phase?
  • What are my next steps?

Programme goals and eligibility criteria:

  • The seminars and workshops of the orientation phase are designed to give you an insight into the various academic fields of activity and equip you with a basic set of necessary skills to work in academia.
  • Programme participation takes place on your own initiative and  is a good basis for further specialization within the 'Düsseldorfer Weg'.
  • A secured employment at / associateion with HHU is required for the duration of the programme.


When you have successfully participated in all courses of the orientation phase you can obtain the 'basic certificate Düsseldorf Way of training' which is suggested for a possible specialisation in one of the career pathways of 'Düsseldorfer Weg': 'professorship', the career path 'academic teacher' or a career path in 'science management'.


In case of questions and to arrange for appointsments, please get in contact with us.


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