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HeRA Werkstatt

Heine Research Academies are supporting the individual career development of early career researchers and young academics of all subjects at HHU.

Part of it is to connect the young researchers and to facilitate networking and discussion of relevant research related topics. Bringing together interdisciplinary perceptions stimulates the exchange among each other and creates a greater awareness for certain topics. The “HeRA Werkstatt” is a workshop format which you are supposed to actively participate in by shaping the content and the outcome of the event. By talking and discussing your demands and concerns with each other we of Heine Research Academies can also think of solutions and means of further support.
If you have a specific topic you are interested in and you want to discuss with your peers please let us know. HeRA Werkstatt events will take place on a regular basis, alternating in German or English.


HeRA Werkstatt - Gelebte Wissenschaftskultur, Foto: Heine Research Academies


Upcoming events

03.11.2020 HeRA Werkstatt: About safe chaos and stimulating structure. Success factors for introverts and extroverts.

The difference between introverted and extroverted characteristics appears in almost every personality test. However, hardly anyone knows what these characteristics specifically mean in daily life and communication. This is especially true for leadership strategies. The talk by Dr. Sylvia Löhken should help young leaders in academia learn how to best act and communicate with a wide range of personalities - while getting a better understanding for themselves.
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Previous events
Relevant for researchers, Photo: JUNO

HeRA Werkstatt - Social networking, 12.10.2017
Networking is important not only in the business economic field when it comes to careers but also in science. But how to do this in an efficient and secured way? Using the social networks like Xing, LinkedIn, ResearchGate etc. could make your live easier – if you are aware of some rules and recommendations.
The lecture  by Marcus Holzheimer taught the basics of successful social networking, ranging from basic principles (give & take, horizontal and vertical networking) of authentic self-marketing to recommendation management. Building and maintaining a professional reputation was also part of the event.

Prof. Heather Hofmeister, Foto: HeRA

Your authentic Life „post-Postdoc“: Karriereschritte nach dem Postdoc, die zu Ihnen passen! 19.01.2017

What’s your authentic life? Where does the academic career ladder fit in that life? There are many pathways for a fascinating career and a brilliant life after the postdoc. But few talk about the alternatives to academia and how to get there from here. Prof. Heather Hofmeister, Professor for Sociology at University of Frankfurt broke the silence and talked through the varieties of futures awaiting post-docs in Germany and internationally. Together with the audience she introspected to see whether life’s calling may be found someplace it might not have been expected.  She took the doctoral and postdoctoral researchers on an exploration of the possibilities and left the audience feeling hopeful about for their future. Prof. Hofmeisters presentation was a combination of sociological research-backed evidence about the labor market and career coaching in a group setting to get yourself asking new questions that may lead you to some new places.

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HeRA Werkstatt - „Gelebte Wissenschaftskultur“ 30.5.2016

Wissenschaftler/innen sehen sich im beruflichen Alltag häufig mit einer Vielzahl von Verant-wortungen konfrontiert. Besondere Herausforderungen stellen sich gerade am Beginn der wissen-schaftlichen Karriere, wenn neben der eigentlichen Forschungsarbeit auch die Anleitung und Führung von Mitarbeiter/innen, die konkrete Wissensvermittlung, das Begutachten wissenschaft-licher Arbeiten u.v.a. unvermittelt Teil des eigenen Aufgabenspektrums werden. Im Rahmen der „HeRA Werkstatt – Gelebte Wissenschaftskultur“ soll ein Forum geschaffen werden, diese impliziten Verantwortungen und Anforderungen an (Nachwuchs-) Wissenschaftler/innen zu thematisieren und zu diskutieren. Die thematischen Schwerpunkte sollen dabei auf drei Themenbereichen „Prüfen" (u.a. Bewerten von Prüfungsleistungen), „Begutachten“ (Gutachten für Dissertationen, Fachliteratur u.a.) sowie „Führen und Arbeiten in Teams“ (Vermittlung von Werten und Kriterien) liegen.

HeRA Werkstatt - Success Factors for Employability of Young Researchers, 08.06.2015
Nowadays the labour market, including research positions, is very competitive and additional skills may significantly contribute to the successful career development. The German economy is by far the most powerful in Europe and offers various possibilities for young researchers. This HeRA Werkstatt provides insights into important skills needed to communicate, work and succeed on the German job market and how international experience brings along many additional values, which are recognised and appreciated by employers in both the academic and the non-academic sector.

HeRA Werkstatt - Wie gelingt eine wissenschaftliche Karriere?, 27.11.2014
Sind es vor allem die fachlichen Kompetenzen, Fachwissen und wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse, die den Karriereerfolg bestimmen? Oder sind es insbesondere soziale Kompetenzen  („Soft Skills“) und Führungsqualitäten, die den Weg für eine wissenschaftliche Karriere bereiten?
Damit die Heine Research Academies ein attraktives Angebot für die weitere berufliche Karriere der (Nachwuchs-)Wissenschaftler/innen entwickeln und zusammenstellen können, wurde im Rahmen dieser HeRA Werkstatt über mögliche Weiterbildungsformate und Unterstützungsmöglichkeiten an der HHU diskutiert.


              Impressions of previous HeRA-Werstatt events, Photos: Heine Research Academies


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