Glossary for search of private accommodation in Germany

  • Kaution means the security deposit you will need to pay with the first rent (regularly two monthly rents). The deposit will be payed back to you when moving out, if there was no damage to the apartment.
  • +NK=Nebenkosten means that utilities (heating etc.) are not included in the rent and will be charged extra.
  • Provision: If the apartment is procured by a realtor you will probably need to pay a commission (approx. two monthly rents). Therefore, it is worthwhile to look for apartments offered directly by the landlord (Vermieter) –these flats are often advertised as provisionsfrei=no commission charged.
  • Electricity (Strom) is normally not included in the rent. You will need to get a contract with the a electricity company. Regularly, it will also be possible to simply resume the contract of the preceding tenant.
  • If the indicated monthly rent is specified as “warm” the monthly payment includes costs for heating. The specification “kalt” means the rent without heating costs, it will be charged in addition.
  • WG is short for “Wohngemeinschaft” and means shared flat.
  • Zwischenmiete means a room/apartment offer for a limited period of time (usually during a temporary absence of the regular tenant/flatmate).

Abbreviations frequently used in accommodation adverts:

2 ZKDB2 Zimmer (rooms), Küche (kitchen), Diele (corridor), Bad (bathroom)
3 ZKDB3 Zimmer (rooms), Küche (kitchen), Diele (corridor), Bad (bathroom)
2-Zi.-Whg.Two-room apartment (Zweizimmerwohnung)
EKEinbauküche (kitchenette)
+NKNebenkosten = Plus utilities and common charges (Heating, gas, electricity, water and waste disposal)
NRNichtraucher (Non-smoker)

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