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Official matters after arrival (residence and working permits)

Registration at the Residents' Registration Office

After your arrival in Düsseldorf, you should attempt to find long-term accommodation as quickly as possible. Information about how to find accommodation can be found undefinedhere. As soon as you have found long-term accommodation, you must register at the undefinedResidents' Registration Office of the City of Düsseldorf. For this you need your passport and a confirmation of your rental agreement from your landlord (the required form can be found undefined here).

Residence permits and work permits

Citizens of EU or EEA member states do not require a visa to enter Germany and do not require a residence or work permit. They are only obliged to register their place of residence at the undefinedResidents' Registration Office of the City of Düsseldorf. Within the first three months after entering Germany you have the right of unrestricted residence. After this you need to meet the criteria of Freedome of Movement (Freizügigkeitvoraussetzung).

Freedome of movement applies to:

  • Individuals in employment (employed or self-employed)
  • Individuals not in employment (e.g. PhD students)
  • Family members (also from non-EU/-EWR states)
  • Long-term residents (more than 5 years of residence)

If the requirements for freedom of movement are fullfilled, the right of residence exists by law. There is no specific certificate from the Immigration office needed. Further information can be found at the undefinedImmigration office.

Citizens of all other countries must apply for a residence permit at the Immigration Office, even if they have entered the country without a visa. Doctoral or postdoctoral researchers who are financing their stay either themselves of through a scholarship must apply for a residence permit for study purposes. If you enter into an employment contract with the University, you require a residence permit coupled with a work permit. The following types of residence titles are normally available for doctoral or postdoctoral researchers:

  • §16 for higher education studies: for doctoral researchers with a scholarship, working allowance is limited
  • §18 for employment: for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with an employment contract
  • §19a EU Blue Card: for researchers with a yearly gross salary of at least 53600€. The EU Blue Card is especially beneficial, if you are planing to apply for permanent settlement in Germany.
  • §20 for research: for researchers with an employment contract or a scholarship. In order to apply for a §20 residence title the university needs to sign a hosting agreement. Please contact us for further information: undefinedemail

Please arrange an appointment immediately after or even before your arrival with the undefinedImmigration Office of the City of Düsseldorf as there might be waiting time. In case you need assistance by making the appointment or applying for the residence title, you can contact us directly.

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