Doctoral studies at Heinrich Heine University (HHU)

There are several ways to obtain a doctoral degree in Germany and at HHU, depending mainly on the different faculties and research areas you belong to as well as the type of supervision. In general you can differentiate between an Individual Doctorate or a Doctorate in a Structured Graduate Programme. Independent thereof, Heine Research Academies and the graduate academies of the Faculty of Medicine (MedRSD), the Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences (iGRAD), and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (PhilGRAD) provide a common framework of support and structured education for all doctoral researchers.

To obtain a Doctorate doctoral researchers must work independently on a research project, write a thesis and defend it at the end by an oral exam or a thesis defense. It normally takes between three to four years to complete a doctorate. The start of doctoral studies is not bound to the university semesters, it mainly depends on available funding of individual research projects.

Individual Doctorate
Structured Graduate Programmes

International Researcher Center (JUNO)

Universitätsstr. 1
Building 16.11, Level 00, Room 42


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