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Orientation at Heinrich Heine University

Heinrich Heine University (HHU) and University hospital (UKD) are located on joint campus with a size of 130 ha. All buildings share the postal address Universitätsstraße 1 (HHU) or Moorenstraße 5 (UKD) in 40225 Düsseldorf. In order to find a specific room the addition of the institutes name is not sufficient. Information about sector, building, floor and room number is important. Therefore each room has a number describing the exact location.

Room: HeRA-Office
17.13Building in the north of UKD (building numbers within UKD start with 1, on HHU-Campus with 2 and can be found outside, at the top of each building)
00Level "Ground floor"
11Room number 11

International Researcher Center (JUNO)

Universitätsstr. 1
Building 16.11, Level 00, Room 42


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