Dr. Anitha Thillaisundaram visited the Institute for Algebra and Number theory at HHU

Dr. Anitha Thillaisundaram is a lecturer at the School of Mathematics and Physics at University of Lincoln, UK. As a undefinedHumboldt fellow she has been to Düsseldorf as a postdoc. Now she was back for a one month research stay at the undefinedInstitute for algebra and number theory of Prof. Dr. Benjamin Klopsch.

Dr. Anitha Thillaisundaram, Photo: private

Dr. Thillaisundaram you have been here as a Humboldt fellow before. What made you come back to HHU in frame of the StayConnected@HHU programme?

I have three projects with different colleagues here in Düsseldorf. We started working on two of the projects back then. When I later moved to England, we could only communicate by e-mail and I was here for short stays, but we didn't really make any progress in the project. Now the colleagues are only here until September and so I had to come to Düsseldorf urgently. The funding through the StayConnected@HU program was very helpful to me. Two projects have now been completed in the five weeks, for the third project there are still a few things to do.

What it the most exciting thing about working and researching at HHU?

There are many scientists here at the HHU with whom I have a thematic overlap. What's great in Düsseldorf? - that many guest scientists and many young mathematicians work here. The exchange among each other is great and there are numerous seminars I can attend. This time I met two new employees and together we set up a new project. The facilities on campus are also really good. In the library I can get everything I need for my work.

Now we have talked a lot about the general conditions here at the HHU, what are you specifically concerned with in your research work?

I'm doing research on algebraic structures. These structures have been known since the 1980s. Only now is it possible to analyze them. They serve as application in other mathematical fields or also in computer science, however the application is not my direct research subject. However, the applications often only emerge much later than the actual basic considerations.

How did your research profit from being carried out at HHU and vice versa?

First of all, it is very helpful when all participants are gathered in one place. We cooperate well with each other and can publish the three projects soon.

What can we do to improve the StayConnected programme? And is there anything we can do to further suppurt your research collaborations with HHU?

I think it is good as it is. The application procedure has been rapid and non-bureaucratic. I could stay in Düsseldorf really carefree.


Das Interview führte Uta Brunner im Juli 2018.

Personal details

Dr. Anitha Thillaisundaram


Mathematics, BA (Hons) and Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics (MMath); University of Cambridge

Promotion in Mathematik (Algebra); University of Cambridge

Joint Publications with the host

B. Klopsch, A. Thillaisundaram and A. Zugadi-Reizabal: Hausdorff dimensions in p-adic analytic groups,
Israel. J. Math., to appear

B. Klopsch and A. Thillaisundaram: Maximal subgroups and irreducible representations of generalised multi-edge spinal groups, Proc. Edin. Math. Soc., to appear

T. Alexoudas, B. Klopsch and A. Thillaisundaram: Maximal subgroups of multi-edge spinal groups, Groups
Geom. Dyn. 10 (2) (2016), 619 – 648

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