Dr. Tobias Wenzel visited the Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) in frame of the StayConnected@HHU programme

Dr. Tobias Wenzel is Associate Professor at the University of Sheffield, UK. After working as a junior professor  at University of Düsseldorf, he is now joining forces with Annika Herr and Alexander Rasch of the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) for two further projects. His research interests are in applied microeconomics and industrial economics.

Dr. Tobias Wenzel, Photo: private

What motivated you to apply for the Researcher Alumni Programme and come back to Düsseldorf?

In 2015 I left Düsseldorf for the time being, but since then I've been here at least once a year. The research environment is really good here and I still have many connections at HHU.

What it the most rewarding about working and researching at HHU?

Düsseldorf has meanwhile become the largest location in Germany in the field of competition policy. The special thing about working and researching here at HHU is the environment, which is created on the one hand by the seminars offered and on the other by the colleagues themselves. New projects can be started quickly, the atmosphere is very good, all doors are open here. This is not always the case at other locations.

Could you please tell us a little bit more about your research project in frame of the reseach alumni project?

Currently I am working on two projects. In the first project (with Annika Herr) we are looking at drug prices. In particular, we are looking at the reference prices, which are usually associated with prescription medicines. In this context, we investigate the effects of the changes in the reference price on companies and consumers. The second project with Alexander Rasch deals with "Drip Pricing". Using laboratory experiments we focus on the behaviour of the consumer. The question behind this is how the buyer reacts when additional price elements are added to the basic price drop by drop, especially when buying online.

How exactly does your research project benefit from DICE and vice versa?

In addition to my two direct project partners, there are a lot of people here who are very well versed in this area. The projects benefit from the intensive exchange with the colleagues at DICE.

Are there already plans for a future cooperation with Professors Herr and Rasch and HHU? Are there any joint publications on the way?

Sure we will keep the collaboration. For now we have written a first version of a paper and will submit the publication soon. However, it is always a long process before a publication takes place.

What could we do to make the research cooperation with HHU even better? How would you like to keep in touch with HHU?

In my case, everything went perfectly well and I am completely happy.


Interview by Uta Brunner in July 2018.

Personal Details

Dr. Tobias Wenzel

Academic Career

10/2005 – 11/2008: Doctoral Studies in Economics, TU Dortmund

10/2008 – 05/2010: Postdoctoral scholarship, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

07/2010 – 03/2015: Assistant Professor, Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE),
University of Düsseldorf, Germany

04/2015 – 8/2018: Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), University of Bath, UK

Publications in cooperation with DICE

The impact of piracy on prominent and non-prominent software developers (with Alexander Rasch), Telecommunications Policy, 2015, 39, 735-744.

Content provision and compatibility in a platform market (with Alexander Rasch), Economics Letters, 2014, 124, 478-481.

Piracy in a two-sided software market (with Alexander Rasch), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2013, 88, 78-89.

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