Staff exchange between research groups of international research alumni and research groups of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and vice versa

Members of staff of HHU Research Alumni are invited to visit collaborating research groups at HHU in order to promote further research exchange and collaboration. The staff exchange is also supported when HHU members visit HHU Research Alumni.

Type of funding

  • Accommodation fee of 1500 € per month for staff members of the participating research groups (maximum funded time of research stay 3 months)

The HHU Research Alumnus should have studied or have done research at HHU for at least six months in the past. There should be at least a six months gap between application in the Research Alumni Programme and the last stay at HHU.
Staff members of the HHU Research Alumni or of the HHU research group are eligible from the career level master student to the postdoc level.

The research stay at HHU financed through this program should at least be a week and can be extended for as long as three months.

The application in frame of the HHU Research Alumni Programme needs to be completed together by the HHU host and the HHU Researcher Alumnus.

    For HHU Research Alumni members of staff

  • undefinedApplication form
  • Formless funding application (max. 2 pages) including:

    • a short project description
    • information on possible future collaborations
    • if applicable a list of joint publications
    • signature of both project partners

  • CV of the HHU Research Alumni member of staff
  • CV of the HHU Research Alumnus

Please email all documents in one file (either in German or English) to researcher-alumni(at)

   For HHU researcher members of staff

Please fill out the undefinedonline application form and up-load additionally required documents in the following order in a single PDF document at the end of the online application form:

  • a short project description
  • information on possible future collaborations
  • if applicable a list of joint publications
  • CV of the HHU Research Alumni of staff member
  • Copy of the certificate of last university degree of staff member (Bachelor, Master or PhD degree)
  • CV of the HHU Research Alumnus

Selection process and funding decision
Selection of the successful applications will be handled by a joint committee of the HHU Vice President for Research and Transfer, the spokes person of JUNO as well as the responsible coordinators of the Researcher Alumni Programme. Funding depends on the availability of financial ressources within the Researcher Alumni Programme.

Applications that show a sustainable interest of collaboration of the two partners will be selected preferentially. Both project partners should also aim for joint publications or the concerted aqucisition of third party funding.


undefinedall funding options of the StayConnected@HHU Programme

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