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Professional delegation and feedback

JUNO Workshop

Target audience researchers of all research areas    
Language English    
Duration 2 days (3 hours each), online    
Capacity max. 12    
Credits for habilitation yes    
Workshop costs Participation is free for HHU members and members of HHU's Medical Faculty.    
Registration Please register using the registration form below.    

Upcoming Workshops

Date Time Format Registration

04.10. (day 1) +

25.10. or 26.10.

or 29.10.2021 (day 2)

9 am - 12 pm

8.30 am - 11.30 am

Online Training Registration

The workshop focuses on two basic management tools - delegation and feedback. A successful delegation of tasks and responsibilities requires some preliminary considerations and is therefore initially time-consuming for you as a manager. However, unclear and poorly executed tasks or a re-delegation costs a lot more time, so it is worth the effort to prepare the delegation of a task. A carefully executed and clear delegation relieves you in the operative area and creates free space for important other tasks. Delegation as a management instrument also strengthens the motivation and initiative of employees and contributes to the further development and promotion of the team or individual employees.

A feedback is a well-considered intervention that aims to stabilize or change the behavior of the other person. Good feedback does not necessarily need a set of rules, but a basic attitude of respect for the other person. A clear, negative feedback can be a special gift. It costs the feedback provider a lot of effort and is therefore usually honest. However, it can only be accepted if the feedback recipient really has the impression that the feedback provider is honest and appreciative. The feedback always says a lot about the feedback giver.

The entire workshop consists of three modules: an introductory, joint workshop, a subsequent practical phase and a concluding group workshop in small groups or an individual counseling.

Workshop (online) 3 h

04.10.2021: 9.00-12.00


Practical phase

Group workshop à 4 participants: 2 h or individual coaching session 1 h (online);

25.10., 26.10., 29.10.2021 between 8.30-11.30

  • Delegation & Instruction

  • What can be delegated and what not?

  • 6-W's of delegation

  • Handing over responsibility - Demanding performance

  • Encourage employee potential through delegation

  • Dealing with delegation traps & re-delegation

  • Johari-Window: Comparison of self-perception and external perception

  • Give and take feedback

  • Feedback in teams

  • Obtain feedback as a manager


Implementation of a project

Preparation of a 5-minute presentation

Presentation and reflection of the project implementation and the achieved results

Exchange of experience

Clarification of open questions

PD Dr. Angelina Topan is a trainer and coach and heads the Institute for Personnel Development and Coaching in Freiburg. She is a systemic solution-oriented coach accredited by the DBVC: She also obtained a "Teaching qualification for science" and further training and key qualifications through university didactics, within the fields of: conversation, conflict management, team development, project management, methods of adult education.
As a university insider, she knows the structures and processes of university operations and can tailor the measures precisely to the environment.

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