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Qualification and Training for Postdocs, young research group leaders and junior professors at HHU

The postdoctoral phase and the management of own working group are parts of the qualification path to scientific independence. JUNO would like to accompany you on this path and offers a variety of events and courses.

Further develop your competences and strengthen your profile. Information on personal competence development can be found at the bottom of the page.

Training programs

Open workshop programme for postdocs and research group leaders of all faculties

Our workshops sorted by topic

Date Format Topic  
March 2024
05.03.+06.03.2024 + 1 follow up day in 2024 Online Training Taking the next steps: a career toolkit (incl. AI-Tools) for researchers at the beginning of their postdoc phase
12.03.2024 Online Training Good scientific practice for postdocs and supervisors
14./21./28.03.2024 Online
Interdisciplinary Communication and Collaboration
20.03.2024 In-person Workshop Learning and Encouragement through Feedback - Tools and Practices for High-Quality Collaboration in Academic Teams
April 2024
09.04.2024 Online Training Navigating the German and European Research Funding Landscape
May 2024
28.05.+29.05.2024 Online Training Start your career in the private sector
29.05.2024 Online Seminar Going Abroad for a Postdoc
June 2024
06.06.2024 Online Training Self-leadership under permanent pressure to perform
07.06.2024 In-person workshop Agile Methods Sprint
18.06.+19.06.2024 In-person workshop Self-Marketing and Networking
July 2024
02.07.2024 In-person Workshop Good scientific practice for postdocs and supervisors
September 2024
16.09.2024 Online Training Mental Load – the invisible stress
26.09.2024 Online Training Digital Visibility in Science: ORCID, Research Gate and personal scientific websites
30.09.2024 In-person Workshop Empower your Presence with Voice and Charisma
October 2024
25.10.2024 Online Training Giving and Receiving Feedback
28.10.+7.11.2024 Online Training Project Management for Postdocs and Supervisors
November 2024
08.11.+15.11.2024 Online Training Apply Successfully for Academics with non-academic job ambitions
27.11.+28.11.2024 Online Training LinkedIn for Researchers on their way to industry

E-Learning for researchers

Regular networking events for researchers

The informative lunch break - once a month, Wednesdays at lunchtime, with information about the scientific career under the motto: Bring your lunch and educate yourself!
Feel free to suggest your own topics.

The jungle_net is the exchange platform for junior professors and junior research group leaders at the HHU, who can independently lead a junior research group, have budget responsibility and supervise and review doctoral students, but do not yet have a permanent position. Every two months there is a joint lunch break with an informal exchange across disciplinary boundaries.


At HHU, postdocs work in a variety of different fields at five faculties. JUNO offers social events to bring postdocs together and to network.

Our JUNO Office offers you the chance to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere and to get-to-know other national and international researchers from HHU. We organize a JUNO regulars' table that is held in English. During each regulars' table, we will discuss different cultures, languages ​​and our own international experiences. You also have the opportunity to talk about other interests and learn new things from each other.

The own competence and skill development

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