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Peer Coaching

Personal career development as part of the Academic Career Development Programme

Language English
Dates 5-6 sessions in total
dates will be set individually within the coaching groups
Time Meeting times will be set individually with the coaches and the peer group

Peer Coaching is a low-threshold format to increase your efficiency at work. You regularly meet with colleagues to discuss and confidentially reflect aspects of daily routine, current practices and the challenges of cooperating in a research team. This interactive process is supervised by a coach who guides you through this transparent and confidential process.

Asking your colleagues for concrete feedback concerning specific aspects of your work can help you to expand and broaden your perspective on a certain topic. You learn from the experiences and the knowledge of each other.

Peer Coaching enables you to talk about your challenges at work. You gain ideas and strategies to initiate solutions for your individual case. Peer Coaching enables you to improve your management competencies and to develop your personality as a responsible, reflected and open minded researcher.

Dr. Simone Brandes
Dr. Simone Brandes studied Art History, Medieval History and Archeology at the universities of Berlin (TU, FU, HU). Since 2010 she works as a scientific researcher and manager at HHU. From 2012 to 2014 she coordinated the interdisciplinary research training group „Alter(n) als kulturelle Konzeption und Praxis“ involving the faculties of Arts and Humanities, Medicine, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, as well as Business Administration and Economics. Since 2014 she is the managing coordinator of the Graduate Academy philGRAD at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. From 2014-2015 she was trained in coaching (certified by DCV Deutscher Coaching Verband). Simone Brandes offers a broad range of coachings, such as individual short time coachings, career coachings, disputation coachings and writing coachings. Further more she is giving trainings on team building at academia as well as on conflict management.

Dr. Christian Dumpitak