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Strategic planning of research careers

Workshop 1 - Academic Career Development Programme

Workshop language English
Date 24./25.04.2024
Time 09:30 am - 01.00 pm + individual appointments until 5 pm (day 1)
individual appointments 09.30 am - 05:00 pm (day 2)

As competition continues to increase both in Germany as well as internationally, scientists and the institutions they work at are pressed to submit more and more applications for project funding. However, not all funding programmes may be suitable to realise the goals of an individual researcher or the plans of a working group or institute. The aim of this workshop is to enable the participants to act strategically with regards to their middle- or long-term career goals and scientific ambitions resp. the goals their institution is pursuing.

Individual short coaching sessions on a further day will help the participants pave their way towards successful applications in view of their needs and ambitions.

The workshop will combine the following elements:

  1. Definition of short-, middle- and long-term individual or institutional goals
  2. Overview of selected funding programmes (selection is based on participants’ CVs)
  3. Analysis of criteria and perspectives of decision making bodies and reviewers
  4. Individual draft, short presentation in the plenary, and discussion of a grant summary or strategic concept
  5. Short individual coaching sessions

Beate Scholz is director of Scholz CTC GmbH. She has worked as strategy consultant, project facilitator and coach since 2003 (until April 2008 in addition to her position at the German Research Foundation, DFG). Her company focuses on supporting universities, research organisations and research policy-makers in designing, implementing and evaluating strategies and programmes for research career development and international cooperation in research. Scholz CTC GmbH also provides trainings for individual investigators and researcher teams with emphasis on research career development issues, strategic acquisition of research funds, and good practices of PhD supervision. The portfolio of Beate Scholz’ company is completed by individual coachings focusing on counselling scientists during transition periods in their scientific careers as well as giving feedback to individuals and teams who are preparing grants or presentations for peer reviews.
Beate Scholz holds a PhD in Modern Italian History from the University of Trier. She studied history, political sciences and international economics at the Universities of Trier, Reading/UK and Cologne and carried out research in Italy and Austria.