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Supervising PhD candidates

JUNO Workshop

Target audience Postdoctoral researchers of all research areas
Language English
Workshop length 1 day
Capacity max. 12
Credits for habilitation yes
Workshop costs Participation is free for HHU members and members of HHU's Medical Faculty.
Registration Please register using the registration form below.

Upcoming workshops

Date Time Format Registration
11.11.2021 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Online Training Registration

Leading and managing is an important prerequisite for long lasting success in a scientific environment. The profile of requirements for postdocs and young group leaders is broad and ranges from the acquisition of funding to the publication in high-impact journals to first-class teaching. In order to master all these demands while keeping time for creative research projects it is important to manage yourself and lead your research group in an appropriate way. This seminar presents basic knowledge of effective management with a special focus on the supervision of PhD candidates.

Contents in brief

  • Leading and management in a scientific surrounding
  • Management by objectives (MBO)
  • Wishes and needs of PhD candidates
  • Delegate and control tasks
  • Common conflicts arising during supervision of PhD candidates
  • Exchange of good practice among the participants

The seminar helps the participants to organize their role as supervisor of PhD candidates in the academic environment of a German university. The exchange of good practice methods is supported.


  • In addition to short lectures the seminar includes
  • Individual self-learning units
  • Group work with online tools such as whiteboards or Kanban boards, with which we work together
  • Small group work with online tools in virtual team rooms, interactive elements
  • Active breaks and social pauses -because online work requires a lot of concentration

apl. Prof. Dr. Hendrik Hölscher is a specialist for leadership and management competence in science. He has himself been head of the department for bionic surfaces at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology since 2008. After various post-doc positions, he previously headed a junior research group at CeNTech at the University of Münster for five years. The certified manager (Malik Management Zentrum, St. Gallen) has also been working for Impulsplus since 2015 and now has 15 years of his own management experience.