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Information on starting a career

The transition from academic work at the university to professional fields in business and society, but also the subsequent path in the academic environment, requires good preparation. In the following, we have compiled some tips and information to support this transition and further career planning.


Using your network

The ACE Plan (Active Career Exploration) for Science PhDs, Designed by Albert Chen, PhD:
Meet people to learn about a career of interest, decide if want to pursue it, and formulate a plan to prepare for it.

Career information and information on the labour market in Germany

For people coming from abroad the Federal Employment Agency has a good summary of information all about working in Germany as foreigner, information on the regognistion of qualifications, admission to the German labour market and on finding jobs.

Make it in Germany - official website for qualified professionals

On the website of 'Research in Germany' you can find extensive information about career options for postdocs in Germany.

Job portals

More information about careers in Germany

What makes Germany an interesting place to work at? What opportunities does it offer talented researchers? Find out in these brochures of 'Research in Germany' (click for download).
Additional career information and support are also alvailable from the website of the German Scholars Organization (GSO).

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