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Qualification as Academic Teacher

Specialization as part of the Düsseldorf Way of Training

Teaching gives you great pleasure and you have already undergone further training in higher education didactics. Tasks such as the evaluation of teaching and studies, the development of study programmes and their coordination contribute to successful teaching and learning. The specialisation as an 'Academic Teacher' within the framework of the qualification programme "Düsseldorfer Weg" supports you in acquiring the corresponding competences.
Fundamental to this is the mission statement for academic teachers, developed at HHU.

Target group

The certificate programme to become an "Academic Teacher" is aimed at HHU academic staff with a doctorate who are interested in a field of work with a focus on teaching and other tasks between academia and administration and would like to qualify for this.

Aims of the programme

The "Academic Teacher" programme aims to equip you for the tasks in this varied professional field. We prepare you for teaching and administrative tasks, such as activities in the organisation of studies and examinations, and provide you with the necessary skills so that you can accompany accreditations and develop and help shape curricula. With the skills you gain, you will contribute to the further development of the teaching-learning culture and promote didactic innovations.

The programme is currently only running in German. Please refer to the German webpage for more information.

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