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Qualification as Academic Teacher

Specialization as part of the Düsseldorf Way of Training

Teaching faculty have a wide range of tasks to master. In addition to pure specialist knowledge, didactic skills are also required. University didactics at HHU offers free training and advice as well as material to develop teaching skills.
The specialization to become an Academic Teacher within the qualification program "Düsseldorf Way of Training" is completely based on the continuing education program of HHU university didactics.
In addition, HHU has developed its mission statement for academic teachers, which is fundamental for employment at HHU.

Programme information

Specialization as an 'Academic Teacher'", is supported by the training modules of the university didactics programme. The NRW certified programme "Professional Teaching Competence for university" in frame of the university didactics programme of HHU excellently accompanies your teaching efforts.
You will find all programme information on the pages of HHU university didactics.
Participating in the networking events of the didactics network is also part of the programme.

Application process

To obtain the entire certificate 'Academic Teacher - Düsseldorfer Weg', please apply with your CV and a letter of motivation. Weitere A further requirement and part of the application is the documentation of a teaching evaluation procedure, e.g. a Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP) or work shadowing during a teaching lesson. Finally, you and your supervisor sign the letter of commitment and send your application electronically in one document to 30.11.2022:

Dr. Uta Brunner
Junior Scientist and International Researcher Center (JUNO)
Heinrich Heine University
Universitätsstr. 1. Geb. 16.11 00.48
D – 40225 Düsseldorf
Tel. +49 (0)211-81 13564

(Participants will be chosen by the Vice President for Quality in Studies and Teaching, the Vice President for Research and Transfer as well as with suggestions of the head of university didactics.

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