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Learning and Encouragement through Feedback –
Tools and Practices for High-Quality Collaboration
in Academia

JUNO Workshop

Target audience postdocs of all research areas    
Language English    
Duration 1 day, 8 working units    
Workshop costs Participation is free for HHU members and members of HHU's Medical Faculty.    
Credits for habilitation Yes    
Registration Please register using the registration form below.    

Upcoming Events

Date Time Format Registration

The next workshop will take place in 2025

9.30 am - 5 pm

In-person Workshop Registration will open in summer 2024

Communication has never been easy. Especially giving and receiving feedback does not come natural to us. In recent years and across all fields, its relevance has increased: We need to learn more, collaborate better and create a culture of trust and mutual aid. How do we rise to this challenge? – The good news is that decades of empirical work, alongside recent innovations, offer practical methods that make feedback work.

This workshop offers specific strategies and tools to form a culture of constructive feedback in an academic work context. It helps to establish the right mindset, provides psychological insights and enables an exchange about best practices, processes and rules.

Focal points of the Workshop:
• Giving feedback that is caring and direct
• Handling emotions and behavioural patterns in difficult conversations
• Building structures that support constructive feedback
• Forming a growth mindset in your team or your students through feedback
• Identifying and dealing with the needs behind feedback
• Asking for feedback (from busy people)
• Reacting to challenging feedback gracefully

Stephan Pfob is co-founder, trainer and new work guide at Berlin Alley, specialized in feedback and the psychology of sustainable work. He has extensive work experience in different fields, ranging from academia to administration, teaching, business intelligence and information design. He is the co-author of the book 'Wertschätzung. Ein Praxisbuch', coach at Science & Startups and trainer for TUMForTe since 2020.

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