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Good Scientific Practice for postdocs and supervisors

JUNO Workshop

Target audiencePostdoctoral researchers of all research areas

1 day


max. 12

Workshop costsParticipation is free for HHU members and
members of HHU's Medical Faculty.
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Obeying the rules of good scientific practice is an elemental, if not the most important fundament to carry out research. Therefore, all researchers working at HHU are bound to the DFG recommendations on “Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice” and the respective guidelines of HHU.

Young researchers come across several tasks and responsibilites when instructing students, supervising doctoral candidates and in parallel carry out their own research tasks. This seminar focuses on several points of interest to be addressed under these circumstances, e.g. concerning documentation, ethical considerations and interlectual property. Specifically the following questions will be adressed:

  •  What is good scientific practice about?
  •  What are my responsibilities?
  •  What are my duties and my rights?
  •  What benefits are there in it for me and my work?
  •  How to prevent unneccessary (extra) workload?
  •  How to prevent problems?
  •  How to deal with problems?

The course is especially designed for researchers in the natural and life sciences as well as people doing empirical research.

Dr. Peter Schröder holds a PhD in Biology and has a long standing teaching experience. As a postdoc he has been involved in several research projects in academia and industry and lead his own research group. Since 2011 he works as trainer and coach. Homepage: www.brain4hire.de

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