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About safe chaos and stimulating structure.
Success factors for introverts and extroverts.
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HeRA Werkstatt:
About safe chaos and stimulating structure.
Success factors for introverts and extroverts.

Target audience

Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, science managers, all interested members of HHU

Language English

Tuesday, 3 November 2020, 5 p.m.

Venue online

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This talk helps young leaders in academia learn how to best act and communicate with a wide range of personalities - while getting a better understanding for themselves.

The difference between introverted and extroverted characteristics appears in almost every personality test.
However, hardly anyone knows what these characteristics specifically mean in daily life and communication. This is especially true for leadership strategies.
Extroverted superiors think and act differently than introverted bosses, according to the results of new studies. Introverted team members have different strengths and also completely different needs than their extroverted colleagues.

This talk helps young and advanced leaders in academia - both introverts and extroverts - consider consequences for communication and cooperation.
Listeners will first get access to intro- and extroverted characteristics. They discover
- where their personal characteristics and their particular strengths and hurdles lie
- how they can take both into account in their team management.

The second part of the talk deals with the concrete implementation in everyday management: Why and in what ways should we deal differently with intro- and extroverted colleagues? How can working conditions be designed in a way that  "quiet achievers“ feel just as motivated and valued as much as sociable, outward-looking team members?
The talk is interactive and encourages dialogue. It provides a new, fresh perspective and fosters exchange with others as well as reflection on personal leadership strategies.

For years Dr. Sylvia Loehken has helped people to go their own way. She fully understands that introversion and extroversion is a diversity topic. Managers and departments can profit by recognizing the personality differences that become clear after a personality test is completed. Sylvia Löhlen enables her clients to tap into this knowledge and counsels them along the way. The result: increased personal performance, more effective teamwork - and a greater quality of life.
In 2012, she was awarded Speaker of the Year. She knows how to put scientific findings into clear and understandable words. After completing her Ph.D. in linguistics, she worked for 10 years in academic management in Germany and Japan (a "soft-spoken" country by the way). She has acquired coaching and moderating credentials (University of Bielefeld). In addition, she is a certified Reiss Profile Master, LUXXprofile Master, and S.C.I.L. Master and helps her clients discover their life motivations.
Sylvia also is involved as member of various professional networks, including the German Speakers Association (GSA) and academic coaching group Coachingnetz Wissenschaft, where she was a board member from 2013 through 2015.

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