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Male Ally Training -
Speaking up on topics of ethics and compliance

JUNO Seminar

Target audience male researchers of all research areas    
Language English    
Duration 2 hours    
Capacity 50    
Workshop costs Participation is free for HHU members and members of HHU's Medical Faculty.    
Registration Please register using the registration form below.    

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04 pm - 06.00 pm

online seminar Registration
(for male participants only)

Knowing when to intervene, what to say and how to say it.

Has it ever happened to you that you witnessed a situation where somebody got treated unfairly and you felt bad because you did not know how to react? Or did a female or minority colleague of yours complain about being discriminated and you did not know how to support them? In this workshop participants will explore how they can stop being passive bystanders and become active upstanders and allies in situations where others are confronted with discrimination, sexism and bias. In this workshop participants will learn that they can have a positive impact in challenging situations and leave with a toolbox of smart intervention strategies.
Knowing how to speak-up for others will also help you to learn to speak up for yourself with courage and confidence.

To keep a safe space for the participants, the workshop is for male researchers only.
In the future similar events will follow for all groups of researchers.

The workshop will focus on three elements:

  • Awareness: How to recognize (subtle) discrimination and understand why it is harmful not just for the targets, but the entire team or organization.
  • Obstacles: Why is speaking up difficult.
  • Skills: How to listen, learn and engage towards positive change of behavior without creating aggression and defensiveness.

As the daughter of a mother who was ahead of her time, the topic of gender and diversity has always been with Dr. Bettina Pallazzo. In her professional life, she had to learn early on to assert herself in the harsh reality of not exactly women-friendly organizations. Much became clearer when she wrote a study on female career obstacles for the German Ministry of Education in 2000. Since then, her experience as an expert in business ethics has been very useful to her in seeing and approaching diversity from a holistic perspective. More information is available on her website.