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Navigating the German and European research funding landscape

JUNO Workshop

Target audience Early-stage postdocs
Language English
Workshop length 1 day (8 working units)
Capacity max. 12
Credits for habilitation yes
Workshop costs Participation is free for HHU members and members of HHU's Medical Faculty.
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Upcoming Workshops

Date Time Format Registration
09. April 2024 9 am - 3 pm


Online workshop


The workshop provides an overview of the German and European research funding landscape focusing on funding opportunities for basic research available to researchers at the early to advanced postdoctoral stage. Practice scenarios for different research settings help to understand how to select and approach individual funding programmes to build resources and capabilities for further career advancement. The workshop also provides hands-on advice on how to prepare a competitive research proposal.

By participating in the workshop, you will be better equipped to:

  • understand the German and European research funding landscape,
  • recognise the opportunities and challenges associated with external research funding,  
  • identify funding opportunities for different research settings,
  • develop a competitive research proposal,
  • and build a research grant track record.

This highly interactive workshop employs theoretical input, practice scenarios, plenary discussions, individual and small group work, experience sharing, and expert advice. It is limited to 12 participants and will be presented in English.

Thomas Koch is a research management consultant and certified business trainer and coach. He provides hands-on workshops and individual guidance for researchers to realise their research ideas and career objectives. He also supports higher education institutions and research consortia in implementing strategic initiatives and preparing grant proposals. Holding a PhD in physical chemistry from the UK, he builds on 10 years of international experience as a researcher and 12 years of professional experience as a research manager and senior administrator at universities in Bochum (RUB) and Munich (LMU).