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Digital visibility in science - ORCID, ResearchGate and Personal Scientific Websites

JUNO Workshop

Target audience Postdoctoral researchers of all research areas
Language English
Duration 3,5 hours (4 work units)
Capacity max. 15
Credits for habilitation no
Workshop costs Participation is free for HHU members and members of HHU's Medical Faculty.
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9 am - 12.30 pm

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The workshop will focus on three popular key elements of digital visibility in science: ORCID, ResearchGate and personal scientific websites. This workshop aims to provide an initial overview of these important platforms and how they can help to present research more effectively and strengthen academic presence online.

Contents of the workshop:

  • ORCID - basics of unique identification: an introduction to the importance of ORCID for referencing research papers.
  • ResearchGate - Basic knowledge on scientific network building: An overview of how ResearchGate can be used for collaborations and the exchange of research findings.
  • Personal scientific website - digital presence: A short introduction to how an individually designed website can support academic work and present expertise in an appealing way.

Dr. Maia George is an academic coach and former researcher with expertise in various areas. Her diverse range of topics includes new work in academia, scholarship applications, leveraging social media for transitioning to industry, and effective science communication.

Dr. George's experience encompasses her previous roles as a Research Assistant and Research Fellow at LehreLernen, an institution specializing in didactic qualifications in higher education, located at the University of Jena. Furthermore, she is an alumna and current member of the admission committee for the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes).